Hi, I’m Jérémie.

I come from France 🇫🇷, Bourgogne 🍷 and I now live in Paris.

I’m a passionate epicurean.

I’m stuck between two generations, Gen X and Millenials, but I find myself more in the latter, especially for my affinity with new technologies, my sensitivity to ecology and my attachment to the respect of animal life.

My greatest passion is also my profession, IT.

Travelling and photography are my drugs against stress and anxiety.

Gastronomy, wine tasting, especially Champagne are my vitamins.

Nature, domestic animals and wild animals are in my eyes the most beautiful artworks to admire.

Human captivates me. I love its diversity, its complexity, its creativity, its perseverance and all its infinite possibilities.

I’m also sensitive to culture, general culture, art, especially contemporary art and probably everything because I’m just curious and open minded.


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